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Diabetic Foot Care


According to the American Diabetes Association, one in five people who have diabetes will visit the hospital because of problems with their feet. This is because diabetes damages nerves and negatively impacts blood flow to the feet, making them more susceptible to a variety of potentially serious conditions from numbness to infection. They also are more susceptible because of a weakened immune system.

Daily attention to the feet is crucial because those with diabetes will generally have decreased feeling and poor circulation in their feet due to the disease. A simple crack due to dryness can easily become infected. Diabetics are more likely to experience ulcers, bunions, corns, hammertoes and fungal infections, all of which can become more serious, potentially leading to gangrene and the need for amputation.

Proper foot care includes the following:

  • Check feet daily for sores and cracks and apply lotion to dry areas.

  • Wash feet with warm water to encourage circulation.

  • Wear properly fitted shoes with closed toes; no bare feet.

  • Keep toenails trimmed and see a doctor for ingrown nails, corns or calluses that need attention.

  • Be attentive for symptoms of athlete’s foot.

  • See a doctor immediately for redness or blackening of skin

Foot and ankle infections can happen to anyone. Click here for more detail.


For those with diabetes, infections can quickly lead to amputation or death. Regular care by a doctor is imperative.

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