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Ingrown Toenails


Most people have experienced ingrown nails at some point in their life. The condition, when the nail curves and grows into the skin, usually at the edges, can be, at best, irritating and, at worst, extremely painful. When it becomes advanced enough to break the skin, it can lead to an infection.

Ingrown toenails are more common than ingrown fingernails, possibly because of the pressure shoes can put on the toes. Symptoms generally are redness, swelling and warmth at the source of the ingrown nail. Shoes that are improperly fitted can cause nails to become ingrown. Other causes include trauma to the nail or trimming the nail too short.

Usually soaking your foot in warm water and Epsom salt is enough to bring relief and allow an ingrown toenail to heal, but for those with poor circulation or nerve damage, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice to avoid serious infection or the development of an ulcer.

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