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Wound Care


Proper care for injuries to the feet and legs is crucial if one is to encourage healing and prevent infection. For athletes and active individuals, small wounds can be common and often heal with minimal care. When other factors, such as diabetes, impacts what may seem to be a minor wound, attentive care becomes even more urgent.

Injuries can occur to the foot or legs during accidents or minor mishaps. It is important to document outside elements that may contribute to infection and/or inhibit healing, such as rusty metal corners, dirty tools, contaminated water or chemicals. Medical attention is always wise if these factors are in question.

For those with circulation problems, nerve damage or those with diabetes, small injuries or blisters can quickly become ulcers. Click here for more details about foot and leg ulcers.

Anyone with diabetes or nerve damage (neuropathy) should be under a doctor’s care for even minor wounds to prevent the development of ulcers and avoid the risk of permanent damage that can lead to amputation. 

For more details about diabetic foot care, click here.

For more details about neuropathy, click here.

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