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Plantars Warts


Plantar warts appearing on the bottom of your feet are relatively common, because, while they can appear anywhere, they typically show up in areas subjected to pressure or rubbing. Warts are a viral skin infection caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), and the appearance of a wart is actually a symptom of the virus.

Different strains of HPV produce different warts. On the feet, the most common of warts are plantar warts. While this strain of HPV is not highly contagious, rarely spreading through direct contact, it tends to thrive in warm, moist environments, such as shoes and locker rooms. 


Warts are thickened areas of growth on the skin, with plantar warts tending to grow into the skin rather than out. Depending on their location on the foot, they can cause discomfort, especially when walking.

Anyone can experience warts, but those who frequent public showers in bare feet, experience skin trauma, or who have weakened immune systems are more susceptible. They are more common among teens than adults.


Depending on the strain of HPV, a wart can appear bumpy, spongy, or rough, and may have tiny dark spots evident in the surface. They can resemble calluses, so it is important to check with a doctor if you are not sure if your problem is a wart. Usually discomfort is confined to the area of the wart where pressure is greatest.

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